TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays

TH3 Hash #387 – 4/21/11

When: Thirstday, April 21st, 2011 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30.

Where: Four Trey’s @ 3333 N Damen Ave, Chicago IL (Just south Damen and Roscoe)

Hares: Half Fag

Why: I’m turning the big 3-2 at midnight! Come on out and enjoy a truly shitty trail/bevvies with me to celebrate!

Hash Cash: $8

Notes: Paulina Brown Line stop is your closest El station to Four Treys. Walk due west on Roscoe for three blocks and Then one block south on Damen.

P.S.: We need hares! Please see CornStar or Happy Ass Grabber to sign up or email CornStar at!  Don’t forget to sign up for your birthday in advance!


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5/19/11 It’s Too Soft

5/26/11 Snatchsquatch

6/2/11 Smell This


6/16/11 Chicken Stiffer

6/23/11 International Virgin

6/30/11 Pull My Pork

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