TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays

Th3 #428 – 02/02/2012 (Groundhog’s Day Hash)

When: Thirstday, Feb 2, 2012 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30.

Where: Rebel (3462 N. Clark St )

Hares: Hood Whorenament & Glory Hole

Why: On this day in 1887, the first gathering at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsatawney, PA, to wait for the groundhog’s shadow occurred.  Seriously, if the anniversary of an event that occured at Gobbler’s Knob isn’t hash-worthy, I don’t know what is.

Notes:  This is the Groundhog’s day hash, and since it’s Feb 2nd, two twos, everyone is encouraged to wear tutus!!

               Bar specials at Rebel include half price draft beer and well drinks, and $1 grilled cheeses .

Hash Cash: $8

P.S.: We have openings for hares starting 3/22/12! Dust off your calendar and see WJew-40 to sign up, or e-mail WJew-40 at!  Don’t forget to sign up for your birthday in advance!

P.S.S.:  Upcoming hares, if you have found a location for your previously-TBD hash, e-mail the details to WJew-40 to get the website updated.

Upcumming Th3 Hashes:

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02/16/12 Furry Spice & BarfFly- TBD

02/23/12 Platty Pussy & Chip ‘n Dale – TBD ***Platty’s Birthday***

03/01/12 Hoosier Daddy – TBD

03/08/12 10 Dix with Wings & EZ On The Ass – Moe’s  (2937 N. Milwaukee Ave)

03/15/12 Mt. Schwiinga – Tai’s Til 4 (3611 N Ashland Ave) ***Schwiinga’s birthday***

03/22/12 WE NEED A HARE

03/29/12 WE NEED A HARE

04/05/12 Lifa – TBD ***Lifa’s Hashiversary***

04/12/12 Little Trojan Annie – TBD

04/19/12 WE NEED A HARE

04/26/12 WE NEED A HARE

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