TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays

February, 2012

Th3 #432 – 03/01/2012

When: Thirstday, Mar 01, 2012 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: Oasis (6809 N Sheridan Rd) Hares: Hoosier Daddy Why: Come celebrate Justin Bieber’s birthday with Th3!  The celebration will consist of a trail, the shittiness of which will be commensurate with that of the Bieb’s music, and then a lot of drinking. Notes: The hare […]


Th3 #431 – 02/23/2012

When: Thirstday, Feb 23, 2012 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: Burton’s Place (1447 N Wells St) Hares: PlattyPussy & Chip ‘N Dale Why: In celebration of PlattyPussy’s birthday, Th3’s Marines will be haring a trail in Old Town. Notes: The hares request that you all wear your best Hawaiian Shirts to this hashy birthday drunkfest! Hash Cash: […]


Th3 #430 – 02/16/2012

When: Thirstday, Feb 16, 2012 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: Streeter’s Tavern (50 E. Chicago Ave) Hares: Furry Spice & Barf Fly Why: Last time Furry Spice hared, his co-hare was buried in snow and caked, yet he escaped unscathed.  Join us this Thirstday to see if his luck holds out! Notes: This […]


Th3 #429 – 02/09/2012

When: Thirstday, Feb 9, 2012 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: The Atlantic (5062 N. Lincoln Ave) Hares: EZ On The Ass, Return To Gender, & Sphincter Grease Why: Join Th3 in welcoming Sphincter Grease back from overseas military assignment! Notes: This is day one of the three-day Chicago/Waukesha/Madison 3-day event “Return to EZ […]