TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays


Th3 #683 – 12/1/16

Hare: Private Snowball Venue: Big Joe’s (1818 W. Foster Ave.) Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30 Hash Cash: $8 Join Th3 as our visitor, Private Snowball, wraps up his Tour duh Snowball, haring five times in five days in our lovely city. From Da Hare: A BRIEF HISTORY: back in 2009 I took a dare. The dare […]


Th3 #682 – 11/24/16 – THANKSGIVING HASH

Hares: SnatchSquatch & Two Girls, One Cupcake Venue: Casa de SnatchCakes (4416 N Albany Ave.) Time: Dinner at 3 p.m., Trail at 5 p.m. Hash Cash: Potluck dish/booze to share It’s Thanksgiving, bitches! Instead of listening to your relatives gloat about the election, join the hashygiving! Or, come drink with us after you’ve put yourself […]


Th3 #681 – 11/17/16

Hares: Rusty Grundél Venue: Chris’s North Land (1610 W North Ave.) Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30 Hash Cash: $8 I believe the last time Rusty signed up to hare, he was drunk in Honduras and it turned out to be a shitastic trail. I would expect about the same this time too. And cats. P.S.: We […]


Th3 #680 – 11/10/16

Hares: Dickens Cider Venue: A-to-B Starting from Lotties Pub (1925 W. Cortland St.) Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30 Hash Cash: $8 If America doesn’t end Wednesday, cum run a shitty, probably live hared trail. It will be A to B, B yet to be determined. From Da Hare: In honor of the craptastic display of decision […]


Th3 #679 – 11/3/16

Hares: Silent But Deadly and Panty Raider Venue: J&M Tap (957 N. Leavitt Av.) Time: 7pm, On-out 7:30 Hash Cash: $8 omg she never leaves… and now with even more Guam. P.S.: We have openings for hares starting 12/22/16! Dust off your calendar and see Roofie Ragu to sign up, or e-mail the Roofster at […]


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