TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays


Th3 #484 – 02/28/2013

When: Thirstday, February 28, 2013 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: Wisla, Inc (1656 W, Division St) Hares: TampOn-Tamp-Off Why:   TampOn-TampOff will be haring in honor of Tell It To My Nipples’ birthday.  If you don’t know Nipples, you should.  That dude is awesome.  And he’s also what makes the titties fun. Notes: You are […]


Th3 #483 – 02/21/2013

When: Thirstday, February 21, 2013 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: Flo & Santos (1310 S. Wabash) Hares: Chip ‘N Dale Why:   Chip ‘N Dale hares. He promises “No Crap Beer and Pizza”. Notes: You are not a super hero.  You do not have night vision.  Bring a flashlight. Hash Cash: $8 P.S.: We have openings for […]


Th3 #482 – 2/14/2013

When: Thirstday, February 14, 2013 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: The Atlantic (5062 N. Lincoln Ave) Hares: Ass You Wish & Momma Strangelove Why:   Valentine’s Day Hash?  What Valentine’s Day Hash?  This is Ass You Wish’s Birthday Hash.  Anybody who says the “V” word without first wishing Ass You Wish a happy birthday will be summarily shot.  […]


Th3 #481 – 02/07/2013

When: Thirstday, February 7, 2013 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: Gio’s Sports Bar (4857 N. Damen Ave) Hares: Chicken Stiffer Why:   Chicken Stiffer will be haring this trail out of Gio’s Bar & Grill in Lincoln Square. He promises that the bar has something “special” set up for us… hopefully, this is not a Spalort board. […]


Th3 #480 – 01/31/2013

When: Thirstday, January 31, 2013 @ 7PM, on out at 7:30. Where: The Gallery Cabaret (2020 N. Oakley Ave) Hares: Glory Hole & Horn-E Why:   Th3 closes down the first month of 2013 with a trail hared by The Horned One and Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds (and Wang’s half bath)… For those of you who haven’t met Shiva yet, […]


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