TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays



With very little planning time remaining until this year’s scheduled Pink Dress run, and our still not having secured a venue or gotten a reply from our charity of choice, mismanagement has conferred and decided to push out the event until then end of October. Venues and charities simply haven’t been responsive, and mismanagement has […]


TH3 #564 – 9/11/14

When: Thirstday, 9/11/2014 ***EpiPenis On-Out*** Hares: EpiPenis Venue: Irish Eyes – (2519 N Lincoln Av) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 Finally, the guy who won’t stfu during circle is leaving us. Maybe I.V. will have tags for this… Notes: New hab is in – get yours! We’re taking credit cards now for hash […]


TH3 #563 – 9/4/14

When: Thirstday, 9/4/2014 ***4th Anal Beer Mile*** Hares: Little Trojan Annie Venue: Ping Tom Park – (300 W 19th St) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 BEER MILE! Four beers in four laps. Try not to refund. There might be prizes for Best Time and Most Epic Refund. Notes: New hab is in – […]


TH3 #562 – 8/28/14

When: Thirstday, 8/28/2014 Hares: Dr. Cockvorkian and Hooch Before Cooch Venue: Raven’s – (2326 N Clark St) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 Continuing the Iron Hare series, we’ll hash out of what my be our favorite bar. A fifth of whiskey will certainly be passed around. Don’t forget to thank the bartender. Notes: […]


TH3 #561 – 8/21/14

When: Thirstday, 8/21/2014 Hare: String Theory Lifa Venue: Danny’s Tap Room – (2218 N Western Ave) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 String Theory will likely lay a shitty trail for us, but Lazo’s tacos are nearby!OK, String f’d up his hand and can’t lay trail, so Lifa steped up and will resume duties. […]


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