TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays


TH3 #560 – 8/14/14

When: Thirstday, 8/14/2014 Hare: Chip AND Dale Venue: Moe’s Tavern – (2937 N Milwaukee Ave) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 Chip and Dale will take over String Theory’s haring this week and I’m sure he’ll be collecting 5$ for pizza, and anchovies will be on hand. We may even have a special guest […]


Th3 #559 – 8/7/14

When: Thirstday, 8/7/2014 Hare: Roofie Ragu Venue: Shoe’s Pub – (1134 W Armitage Ave) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 Because so many people bailed, Roofie Ragu will hare. He will also hare LIVE because he doesn’t have time to do anything special for you wankers, except that it seems to be special to […]


Th3 #558 – 7/31/14

When: Thirstday, 7/31/2014 Hare: Hoosier Daddy Venue: Carol’s Pub (4659 N Clark St) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 Hoosier Daddy is set to hare what I’m sure will be a well-planned, thought out trail for everyone. Perhaps we’ll end at Farragut’s…? Notes: New hab is in – get yours! We’re taking credit cards now for hash […]


Th3 #557 – 7/24/14

When: Thirstday, 7/24/2014 Hare: Mt. Schwiiinga & Bang Me, Blow Me, Get Me Off Venue: Redmond’s Ale House (3358 N Sheffield Ave) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 ***PoP Pre-Lube Toga Hash*** TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA! What better way to kick off a weekend of PoP shenanigans than by attending a shitshow in your bedsheet? Time […]


Th3 #556 – 7/17/14

When: Thirstday, 7/17/2014 Hare: BiHole Her, Up the Ash, Just Chevron Venue: Big Joe’s (1818 W Foster Ave) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 ***Luau Hash*** Come celebrate (or mourn) Just Chevron’s virgin lay with grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts. I’m sure these upstanding harriettes have a wonderful trail planned. Now where’s that coconut bra…? Notes: […]


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