TH3: The best reason to call in sick on Fridays


Th3 #556 – 7/17/14

When: Thirstday, 7/17/2014 Hare: BiHole Her, Up the Ash, Just Chevron Venue: Big Joe’s (1818 W Foster Ave) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 ***Luau Hash*** Come celebrate (or mourn) Just Chevron’s virgin lay with grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts. I’m sure these upstanding harriettes have a wonderful trail planned. Now where’s that coconut bra…? Notes: […]


Th3 #555 – 7/10/14

When: Thirstday, 7/10/2014 Hare: SnatchSquatch Venue:Raven’s (2326 N. Clark St) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 ***R*nning of the Bulls Hash*** It’s that time of year again, to celebrate the tradition of cheating death from the very avoidable pastime of being gored to death by an outraged heifer. We won’t have real bulls, but we will […]


Th3 #554 – 7/3/14

When: Thirstday, 7/3/2014 Hare: Roofie Ragu, One Fuck Chuck, & WJew-40 Venue: Independence Tap (3932 W. Irving Park Road) Time: 7:00pm, On-Out 7:30pm Hash Cash: $8 Your GM candidates decided to band together and get back at everyone for the stress of election month by laying a shitty trail the day before we celebrate our country’s […]


Th3 #553 – 6/26/14

When:  Thirstday 6/26/2014 @ 7PM Where: The Bar Below (127 S State St) Hares:  Little Trojan Annie Meet-Up at 7:00, On-Out at 7:30 Hash Cash: $8 *** The Fall of an Empire Hash *** BURN IT TO THE GROUND!! Go Full Trojan and bring your battle axes, swords, pitchforks, whatever you got, to the final battle […]


Th3 #552 – 6/19/14

When:  Thirstday 6/19/2014 @ 7PM Where: Double Bubble (6036 N Broadway) Hares:  HornE & helpers Meet-Up at 7:00, On-Out at 7:30 Hash Cash: $8 ***36th Anniversary of Hashing in Chicago***Because we HAVE to celebrate EVERY FUCKING HASH MILESTONE.For serious, guys. Hashing is serious business. Seriously.But there will be beer and cake. CAKE, GUYS. Th3 #553 – […]


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